Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wooly Owl Hat

I stumbled across this cute little pattern on Ravelry. I love making baby hats because they are so incredibly cute and because they take less time to make than adult hats. I have seen tons of animal hats in stores and I have wanted to make one for a while.

Kat has SO many cute patterns! She sells some on Etsy and offers a few for free. I will definitely be purchasing some soon. They are just too adorable to pass up. I might even invest in getting a baby doll (or some sort of mannequin) so I can take better pictures of the hats I make. Being a busy student though, I don't have the time/resources I need to take super quality pictures (shame, I know).

Here is the finished product, and here you can find the pattern.

I have to say, I love this one! I will be posting a scarf and another Star Wars figure soon! Be on the lookout :)

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