Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bearded Beanie Hat.

This was a fun one. I have seen these bearded beanies before and always thought they were ridiculous. A friend of mine asked if I could make him one in exchange for a painting (of course I said yes). He even found me a complete pattern when I told him to find a pattern for a beanie he liked. That pattern is here.

At first I was a bit skeptical about making the hat....I haven't had a lot of luck with crochet hats because the ones I have made tended to come out looking like bonnets (especially the smaller the hook). However, this pattern was made mainly with double crochets, so it seemed more hopeful.

I'm really thrilled with the way it turned out. It is absolutely hilarious. Excuse the stich markers in it and the loose yarn (I haven't sewn the beard on yet - I only pinned it on).

I normally don't try things on that I make for people, but I had to see if the beanie fit and where to put the beard (and, let's face it, I couldn't resist). I got a good laugh out of it, that's for sure.

The whole project took maybe 4 ours-ish to do, I believe. I watch Netflix while I crochet, so that is somewhat of a distraction. It definitely turned out great and I have a feeling I will make more in the future (my brother already told me he wants one now).

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