Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crochet Lion Hat!

I have been wanting to crochet one of these hats for the longest time, as I bought the pattern a while ago. I put it off for quite a while (mostly because my yarn collection has been in 3 places after moving), but after spotting the perfect yarn for it at the GoodWill, I decided to quit making excuses and complete one. I think it's my favorite hat I've made so far (and one of the cutest).

I didn't have a baby to model it on, so I used the bear.

For the body of the hat, I scored 4 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn for $4.50 at the GoodWill. I want to say the color is tangerine mist, but I don't have the packaging with me at the moment (I am pretty sure it is). For the mane I used a chunky red yarn I found at JoAnn's and paid $2.50 for after a coupon. 

The hat itself didn't take me very long. Tying the mane took some time, but still not bad. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out! I purchased the pattern from one of my favorite people on Etsy, Kat Goldin. I made the hat sized for children ages 1 to 3. I can't wait to use up the rest of my yarn to make more!

In the world of shoes, I did get two new lovely pairs for cheap at Kohl's. The ones on the left are Dana Buchman and the ones on the right are Candie's. I had a $10 Kohl's Cash certificate to use (thanks dad) and of course I found myself in the shoe department!

After my cash and coupons I paid about $20 for both. What a steal! They are both extremely comfortable. With my promise to myself to get rid of one pair of shoes for every pair I take in (I just have so many), I gave my mom a pair that hurt my feet and put another pair in the "sell" pile. I need to stop clinging to uncomfortable shoes because "I might wear them someday." 

I have been wearing different pairs to work lately to make sure all my shoes are ones I will actually wear sometime. I think it's a good little experiment.

As a final note, I want to add this Freud quote that's in one of my books - it's one of the most popular quotes from him and certainly very true.

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