Friday, July 27, 2012

Doilies and Antiques and K-Cups, Oh My!

The past couple weeks have been busy as always, but still wonderful. I enjoyed some time at my mom's house and traveled out of town for a day - it was nice to get out and see everyone in the main office where I work. Naturally, I brought cookies.

I have been busy crocheting lately - I completed not one, but two doilies! The yellow one took some time (probably 10+ hours), and the teal one took me 5-6 hours. Not bad. Both of the patterns were from old crochet magazines - I just love browsing thrift stores for magazines/patterns.

And let's see...last weekend I attended Bike Time in Muskegon, and I decided to enter their tattoo contest. I entered my Sigmund Freud portrait in 2 categories (best realistic, best black and white) and won them both!!  It was very exciting. 

I talked to a lot of nice people there, too. There even was an article about the contest on and they put my picture in the paper...I was hoping my grandparents wouldn't see! There were a lot of negative commenters (most people comment on articles to complain, I think), but oh well. I respect people's opinions and I understand not everyone likes tattoos - you can't please them all!

Last but not least, I got this really cool set of antique pharmaceutical equipment from a new thrift store by my house. I spotted it on their opening day and went back to buy a bunch. It was sold by piece and not as a set, so I bought what I could and will likely return for more. It's so cool! Some of the bottles are even from Detroit and Grand Rapids.

I hope to finish more craft projects soon! I will update as I do.

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