Monday, July 16, 2012

Long Weekend!

I carpool with my mom to work, and since she was out of town last Thursday and Friday, I had a nice 4-day weekend. Over said weekend I realized my license plate tag/registration was expired (I had to switch the title and it goofed everything up), so my weekend has been extended to 5 days and I am heading to the Secretary of State office shortly.

I did have the loveliest weekend, however, which I really needed. Between going to yard sales, thrift shopping, a family reunion, and going out for lunch with both sets of grandparents, I stayed pretty busy! My brother and I visited one set of grandparents up at the campground they live/work at during the summer. It was extremely hot and humid, but the area is so beautiful. Naturally we spent a lot of time in their air-conditioned camper (my kind of camping).

I had much success a yard sale - my mom and I found tons of yarn (pictured below) for super cheap! The elderly lady selling it only wanted .25 apiece - what a deal! My mom and I took the yarn we wanted and picked out some to donate to my great grandma's church quilting group. I immediately snagged that mint color - so pretty. For all this yarn (and more not pictured), a couple bags, cross stitch pattern books and floss, a brand new wok, and a puzzle for my grandma, I paid $10. Not bad at all.

We also visited a church rummage sale, which, in my opinion, is the best kind of sale, especially for craft supplies. I was delighted to find more cross stitch supplies and fabric for my picture frame matting project. They had a "fill a bag for $4" sale, so my mom and I got a bunch of clothes, craft supplies, and odds n' ends for $8! I tend to pick up cross-stitch kits when I see them for cheap, because even if I don't like the picture, I can still save the fabric, floss, and needle for later use.

I was so happy to find the cross stitch mini books - I like making the little pictures! Below is the fabric I found - not a ton, but still perfect for my use.

I also got this Ed Hardy perfume for $10, brand new (the house it was at had a lot of nice stuff, so I do believe it is the real deal). The lady at the sale also assured me it was real, and I believed her. I'm glad I did - I wore it yesterday and the scent lasted all day.

Although the picture frame on the right is from the rummage sale, I found the little frame on the left and the shoes at a cute little sale shop by my mom's house in Whitehall. I needed a new pair of shoes to replace a pair of mine that I've had for years and although they have not quite fallen apart, they are getting there. I paid $19 for the shoes (more than I would usually spend), but they are sturdy and cute and comfy. The little frame was only $2! I am going to see what cross stitch projects will fit in there, and perhaps buy more in the future.

As for projects, I have been hard at work on my cross stitch, doily, and picture frame matting. I have about 5 rounds to go on the doily and 3 cross stitch projects to finish. One is almost done, and the other two won't take long. I love giving gifts, and now I know a cute boy I can give crafts to. :)

My last purchase for the weekend was this pair of Simply Vera wedges (I LOVE this brand. I have them in black and they are SO comfy. I happened to see about 5 pairs of size 8 for 70% off at Kohl's! My other pair is 8.5, so I looked on the kiosk to see if any were available online. I discovered they were more expensive online! I tried on the 8s and was delighted to find they fit. Not that I NEED more shoes, but I couldn't pass them up! They only ended up being about $16. Plus, adding them onto my dad's purchase got him Kohl's cash. I can't wait to wear them out!

Speaking of, the other day my dad said "you have so many shoes but never wear them." Sadly, this is true. I have no place to wear them, really (at least not yet)! No one dresses up around here very often and I don't want to wear down a good pair of shoes just to run to Meijer. I don't have to dress up for work, and I have loved simply relaxing so much I haven't gone out a lot of places! When I move next month and actually spend time downtown and out with my friends, I plan on making use of my extensive shoe collection!

Lastly, I organized all my yarn, and boy, I have a lot of it. Sadly, all that's shown isn't even my whole collection! It makes me want to crochet forever. I love taking a pretty skein and turning it into a nice gift. I sorted through it and gave some of it to my great grandma. I will have more to look through once I get the rest of my supplies from my uncle's house. You can never have too much yarn, though...sometimes you only need a little bit of a certain color and it makes all the difference!

I look forward to finishing my projects this week. I will update when I do!

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