Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Betsey Johnson and GoJane Experience!

So, I had the pleasure of receiving not one, but TWO pairs of shoes in the mail this week! I was especially excited because I have never owned a pair of Betsey Johnson or GoJane shoes. I know Betsey Johnson makes quality items, but I had never even heard of GoJane until recently, and the shoes on their site almost seemed too good to be true for the prices listed!

I decided to document my experience with opening the shoes. Both pairs were ordered off of Amazon.

1. Betsey Johnson

I have had the Brritt wedge on my wishlist in red and purple for what seems like ages. The style really caught my eye, especially the beautiful roses coupled with the metallic backing. They are quite high at 5.5 inches, but with a 2 inch platform they aren't that bad.

When I ripped open the shipping envelope, I was delighted to see a bright pink box. I also LOVED the tissue paper! I definitely will be reusing both these items.

After pulling back the paper and unwrapping the shoes, I have to say they might be the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen. The colors and design are so gorgeous, and they seem to be very quality shoes. Also - they fit perfectly! That is always a worry of mine. The shoe bottom isn't too wide so they take a bit of balancing, but overall the comfort isn't a major issue.

I LOVED the bottoms, even though you never see them!

The bows on the clasp were another cute and subtle touch.

The only thing I do not like about these shoes are the non-adjustable straps that go across the top of each foot - my feet/ankles are skinny and it doesn't fit snug to them when the adjustable strap is tightened and buckled. It isn't the end of the world, though, and they still stay on my feet regardless. Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and can't wait to wear them out somewhere nice.

2. GoJane

I found out about GoJane while browsing teal wedges on Amazon. I took a look at their website and the first thing I noticed were all the Jeffrey Campbell-style shoes for about 1/3 of the price. I dig bargains, but I also dig quality shoes. 

Upon looking at their website, I noticed they had a ton of cute styles for great prices. A lot of styles were out in my size, so I took that to mean people must be buying them. I fell in love with the suede wedge booties I found on Amazon, so I decided to give them a shot.

The only thing that initially irked me about GoJane is how they include "suede" in the names of shoes that aren't made of real suede - only faux. I have my fair share of fake suede shoes and real suede/leather mostly always holds up better. Although I was a bit disappointed at first, I am happy they were honest about the "faux" part first thing in the description.

The packaging was pretty nice. No fancy tissue paper for these, but that is okay. They still were individually wrapped, and that impressed me. I was happy to open the box and see the beautiful teal color of the wedges.

The first two things I noticed about these were the weight and the smell. They SMELL like suede, interestingly enough. They also are EXTREMELY light, and some may think that's cheap, but I don't mind so much. They are such a lovely color.

All the spikes seem to be well intact, so i am hoping they hold up. One thing that always impressed me about Sam Edelman was that I received extra jewels with applicable shoes in case some came off. I wish other shoe brands did this, but I suppose when the shoes are $50 instead of $200+, you can't complain (not that I paid that much for my Sam's, but they were that much originally). I should look into their return policies/warranty info in case a spike or two should fall off.

Another thing I discovered was that the zipper runs all the way down the shoe but only unzips to that point. I actually really like that design.

One thing I was not happy about was the little mark near the toe of the shoe. I don't know if it's a scuff or a stain or what, but rubbing my finger on it didn't get rid of it.

I was extremely pleased with how comfy these shoes were to walk in. These definitely could be everyday sort of wedges. I will have to test them out, but I think I could walk quite a ways in them without blisters or my feet hurting (well, in temperatures cooler than what they have been lately).

Overall, I am impressed and can't wait to test out the durability. I really want this brand to work because I like their shoe styles and I want to buy more in the future. I'll definitely update on this in the future. If they don't work out, at least I have my trusty Simply Vera shoe collection.

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