Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lion Mittens for Kids

I finished the lion mittens...aren't they cute?! I started them a while ago, made one mitten, then got caught up making Christmas gifts. I'm glad I finally finished them.

I found the pattern in an old crochet magazine I picked up at a thrift store: Anne's Crochet Newsletter, No. 17, Sept. - Oct. 1985. That's the best thing about crochet patterns - minus some clothing articles (those old sweaters and vests aren't really fashionable anymore haha) they never go out of style. In addition, they were written then how they're written now.

I know there are a lot of free patterns online, but I love going to thrift stores to look at magazines and books to see what I can find. It's easier to pay ~25 cents for a book and have something tangible rather than searching a bunch and having to print it off (not like that takes an immense amount of time, but still). I usually always find old magazines wherever I go. Even if there's just one cute pattern, it's worth it.

I had a 50% off coupon for one regular priced item at JoAnn's today. I love those coupons, but the unfortunate (and rather cheap) aspect of it is that whenever they have said coupons, they put almost everything on sale. I picked up some yarn to create a Chewbacca figure that I will be making sometime in the near future and I also got a skein of a lovely shade of teal yarn for $2. Not bad.

My next project will be some Star Wars figurines, but I will also be looking for other simple patterns to make. Now that I have that lovely teal yarn, I want to make something with it. The funny thing is, I have both a big Rubbermaid container and a huge box filled with yarn, yet there are still so many colors I don't have! Someday I will have an entire wall filled with cubes of yarn. Someday.

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