Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Simple Dishcloth

It's a Friday night and I am crocheting, watching The X-Files on Netflix, and updating my LinkedIn profile. Let's face it - I'm probably the coolest college student you know.

While I am working on finishing a pair of mittens that I will post soon, I just finished another easy dishcloth. It's made using an afghan hook and a different style of crochet called called Tunisian crochet. Basically, an afghan hook looks like a knitting needle with a crochet hook at the end.

It almost seems like it's a mix of crochet and knitting; the piece is worked on one side, so there's never any "ch 1, turn" sequences. In basic terms, it's stitching from right to left and then back to the starting point over and over. Going to the left you put loops on the hook (much like knitting), and going to the right you work them off. It's really neat and easy to learn.

Basically, I did 25 stitches across and kept working the rows until it made a square. Then, I fastened off the yarn and did a simple border around the edge (2 rows of single crochets). The beige yarn actually has little specks of blue in it (that you can't see) and that's why the border is blue.

The extent of my Tunisian crochet knowledge is making these dishcloths, but I plan to learn more in the future. I do enjoy this project in particular because it doesn't take a lot of thinking. If I sit down and put a show on, I can usually finish one in a couple hours.

My mom tells me there are a bunch of dishcloth and other patterns for this type of crochet on the web, but I have yet to check them out.

I look forward to posting a picture of the mittens in the next few days. Keep a look out for those!

EDIT: I forgot to add I got both skeins of yarn at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap!

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