Monday, May 28, 2012


I have been bad with updating, so here I am, apologizing again. I'm a bit under the weather today, mostly due to allergies, so since I am relaxing in bed watching Netflix I decided to post an update. I haven't done much in the craft world lately...I made more picture mats and did crochet a Chewbacca.

I liked the yarn I used for this one a lot better than the yarn I used for the first Chewbacca I made. I believe the one I chose this time was called Angel Hair. He is unbrushed, as I left that option up to Jerod.

I did start a viking helmet and beard, but I left that at home to finish later on. I would like to start some new projects soon, I just need to find the motivation. My two condensed summer classes have kept me pretty busy and a lot of my focus is on those. On weekends, I travel as much as possible.

A couple weeks ago I went to the local art fair to look for one booth, and I found it! A few years ago my mom bought me a painted coin necklace at a local art fair (I had wanted one after seeing them before), and it is a necklace I wear almost everyday. I wanted another one, and I was so happy to find one I liked. On the left is my first one (an old Italian coin), and on the right is the new one (an old German coin).

This is a pretty exclusive craft and it takes a lot of time and precision. The folks that make these are absolutely wonderful and I would recommend their products any day. They have money clips, earrings, etc. Their website is here.

As far as shoes go, I had a $10 reward to DSW and I was DELIGHTED to find a pair of Sam Edelman shoes on clearance in my size (he is my favorite designer). I thought they were so adorable and a woman at the store who also was trying on shoes told me I should get them. They were a little pricy, but comfy and a good deal. They also are not too high.

I'm really excited to move and get more chances to wear such cute shoes! One month from today I will be out of here for good with my degree. I'll do my best to post more often.

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