Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

And a fun day it was indeed! I got to see my mom yesterday, so apart from a call to her today I spent the remainder of the day working on my thesis, running errands, and crafting. It felt great to sit down and relax for a while. I have wanted to try this craft for a while, and I had some coupons for Jo-Anns. I finally gathered all the supplied I needed (or so I thought) to make fancy picture mats. I got the idea here.

Welp, I forgot the spray glue and foam brush, but I was eager to craft and decided to make do with what I did have. I picked up a cutting board, x-acto knife, extra blades, three bits of fabric, and a mat for only $20! I was thrilled (thanks Jo-Anns app).

When I got home, I sat down with some snacks and began.

Instead of using actual picture mats for the end product, I have been collecting old cereal/cardboard boxes to use. I clamped the actual mats to the cereal boxes and used the knife to cut around them. Worked like a charm! Then I began the gluing.

Well, I don't have a picture of it, but I know why the spray glue is recommended. For thicker/dark fabrics Mod Podge works great, but for thin fabrics you can see glue spots through the fabric. I definitely will be picking up some spray glue for the future. The backs of mine did not end up perfect, either (but who really uses the backs, anyway) and I have yet to Mod Podge the corners because I need a foam brush (I ended up using an old makeup brush, ha!).

I'm really happy with the final products, however. I can't wait to make more in the future. I surely had to include some animal print. :)

I'll probably head to get my other needed materials this week sometime. I also want more fabric - it really doesn't take a lot! I always hit up the remnants bin, too.

Summer classes start tomorrow and only a little over the month until I am done! On a final note, I made a personal portfolio site for myself - yes, I bought my own domain name! You can find my site here:

Alyssa Zandi

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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