Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Projects

Another month, gone? Wow. I've only completed a few projects since the last time I posted. Christmas season is approaching though, so I know I will have more posts in the next month or so.

I really only have done cross stitch projects, and they are below:

(This one was a gift in return for the autograph on the right and yes, it's long overdue).

This one I made for work! We needed more decorations on the walls, and it goes perfectly with the business (online marketing).

Other than explaining my pictures, I don't have a ton to say - things have been busy, but well, and the end of the semester is approaching quick. I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close! Next year should be another year of changes, but I am looking forward to them. I'm so excited to see where my life is going.

I hope to update again soon. Take care!

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  1. I finally started my own blog like you said I should! By the way you should give that cross stitch sign to your mom. She once told this guy off on Mackinac Island for smoking on the Island. It was hilarious! I totally didn't expect her telling off a stranger.