Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

It's sure nice to have a 4-day weekend! I had a wonderful time at my friend's birthday party on Saturday and made the trek back to Muskegon yesterday. I still had some things to pick up at home and I wanted to spend Labor Day with my family. I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop by my house and am taking a short break from my first homework assignment for grad school.

I had a great first week despite being understandably nervous. I found all my classes, got settled in, and went back to work. This new routine will keep me quite busy, but I don't mind so much. Having Fridays off makes it worth it. Hopefully grad school is everything I expected and more - I've been having a bit of a "What am I doing with my life?" crisis lately. I know I made the right decision by going, and I'm eager to establish some sense of direction. I need to meet more people, too.

I've cross stitched a bit, and these are the two projects I've completed. They have yet to be framed - I find a lot of rectangular frames while thrifting but not a lot of smaller circular ones. I'm keeping my eye out though, so I'm bound to find one eventually. I love how these turned out!

I started a small crochet project, so I should have that finished soon, too. While I'm home I'm picking up more of my yarn since I didn't bring that much with me. It's hard to believe Christmas is in a little less than 4 months!

I found a super cool thrift store by my apartment, and they have the absolute BEST book section. They organize all titles by subject which makes it much easier to find things! You also can request books/titles and you'll get a call if they ever happen to come in. I bought a bunch of regular and antique books.

Last but not least, I had some delicious sushi last night! I know, typical Instagram item, but it was so nicely put together I just had to take a snapshot.

And yes, it was quite delicious!

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