Sunday, February 19, 2012

Urban Jungle Hat

I started this hat a few weeks ago and just got around to finishing it this past week. It's called the Urban Jungle hat, and I found it on the CARON website (pattern is here).

It was an easy pattern to follow. The finishing was a little tricky, but by attempting to follow the pattern, eyeballing it, and making a bunch of scs it ended up looking pretty good. I used the heather grey simply soft yarn and I do recommend sticking with that yarn for the hat. The finished product looks pretty tall as you can see below, but it slouches in the back when it's put on.

I apologize for having no pictures of me wearing the hat, but it looks the same as the picture on the page the pattern is located on. I also had quite a long day and am not feeling the most photogenic right now (I know...excuses, excuses). 

The only issue I had was that the band seems a lot looser than the rest of the hat, but I imagine once it's worn that problem will fix itself. Overall it's pretty cute and is pretty versatile and something that could be worn during any season.

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